Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking?

What Bulbs Do Salt Lamps Take?


If you are also a salt lamp enthusiast, you know how healthy and good-looking they are. They do not only give a room or a home good lighting, but they also benefit you and your health. They are said to clear the room of bad smells and negative energy and boost your morale by spreading natural-looking lightning and positive energy. However, from time to time, its bulbs stop functioning. In this article, we have prepared some guidelines to guide you if you ever find yourself in those situations. We will try to give answers to the questions like “What bulbs do salt lamps take?” or “Can I use an LED bulb instead?”

Can You Replace the Bulb in a Salt Lamp?

Before answering questions such as “What bulbs do salt lamps take?”, we should start from scratch to learn about bulbs and salt lamps. If you ever bought one, you probably noticed the black (or other colors) bases at the bottom of them. That base is the base that holds and lightens up the bulb. Those bulbs are very easy to change; if you are looking for a guide to changing its bulb, here is the guide we have prepared for you.

Firstly, you need to take the salt lamp and examine it carefully. The moment you find the base of it, stop examining it and start to separate the base from the lamp. We have seen many different ones, and some were just built differently, some had screws at their base, and some had slides, depending on which one you have, you choose your method of separating the base from the salt lamp).

Secondly, you find the bulb and unscrew the non-functioning bulb. After carefully unscrewing the non-functioning bulb take your new bulb (The bulb that fits inside the salt lamp. This article will also try to answer the questions about bulb types that fit in salt lamps in advancing paragraphs.) and screw it. Finally, do not forget to take the base and attach it to the salt lamp. If you follow these instructions correctly, you can easily change the bulb of your salt lamp, however, if your lamp does not work, we recommend you get it checked if the lamp itself is working or not.

Do Salt Lamps Need Special Bulbs?

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So, we can finally answer that legendary question. “What bulbs do salt lamps take?”. When choosing the right light bulb for the lamp, there are many choices available on the market. However, not every bulb is the same as you can imagine. Some have a feature that is only unique to them, and some have fewer features when compared with others.

One way or another, you will choose a bulb for it, but our advice is to read our recommendations about the correct lightbulbs and choose your bulb according to the recommendations. That way, you can select the perfect lightbulb for your salt lamp.

You can use bulbs in your Slat Lamp to start with incandescent bulbs. Maybe one of the cheapest bulbs you can find on the market is the light you can use in your salt lamp. There are many reasons to use this bulb as your salt lamp bulb. It is believed that one of those reasons is that as these bulbs generate more heat when compared to other bulbs, they heat the salt lamp, which releases ions into the atmosphere that the salt lamp is in.

And it is said that these ions may be beneficial for human beings. It also radiates a warm glow under the salt lamp, which creates a “home-like place” feeling in people.

But if you want shinier salt lamps in your home, we advise you to take fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs shine more than a bulb can. So, if you are looking for a bulb that is energy efficient and bright, your choice should be the Fluorescent Bulb.

Lastly, you may also want to look at Halogen Bulbs. These bulbs are quite expensive, especially when compared with Incandescent Bulbs, but these bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient bulbs that you can ever find. They glow in a very specific way. It imitates daylight and has the quality that Incandescent Bulbs lack.

Do You Need a Special Bulb for a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

There has been a debate for decades on whether Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial. Many people oppose the idea of “being beneficial to human beings,” but some defend Himalayan salt lamps. It does not matter which opinion you support, but everyone knows that this debate won’t seem to end.

If we were asked whether we believe or not in salt lamps, we must admit; we believe up to some point. And for the question above, we want to list the benefits of salt lamps and how one’s choice of special bulb can affect the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

The short answer to the question is, yes, you need a special bulb, however, that bulb does not have to be an expensive bulb, or it does not have to be a bulb that is only available for certain countries. If you want to benefit from the lamp’s beneficial features such as positive ion releasement (which is highly related to your psychological state of mind), for instance, you need Incandescent Bulbs, or if you want the shiniest Himalayan salt lamp in the world for your big room, you should get a Halogen Bulb. If you want these qualities compiled in one bulb, you should get a Tungsten Bulb.

In short, there are features that you need to list before buying any bulbs for your Himalayan salt lamp. (Assuming that you have checked the proportions of the bulb) Himalayan salt lamps require special bulbs to not work but satisfy the lamp user. So, it is your choice in the end. What you want from a salt lamp is what matters. Special bulbs for special needs, and you need to list your needs in order the find that “special” bulb that fits in the Salt Lamp.

Can I Use an Led Bulb in My Salt Lamp?

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So, let’s assume that one day you and your friend were talking about salt lamps, and you asked, “What bulbs do salt lamps take?” your friend may give many different answers to that question. Tungsten Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs, or many different answers. But let’s say that your friend did not say any bulb we have mentioned thus far and decided to answer your question by saying LED bulbs.

How would you react? What would you say? Although many people disagree with using LEDs in salt lamps, we advise you to listen to your friend closely because he or she may give you a different point of view about bulbs inside salt lamps.

Many people that we met up until this point and many people on the internet were worrying about whether it is a good idea to use LEDs inside salt lamps, so they asked the same questions over and over again. “Can I use an LED bulb in my salt lamp?” You can use LED bulbs in your salt lamps. In fact, you should use LED salt lamps if you want to be efficient with the electricity and lifetime of a bulb.

Compared with other bulbs, LED bulbs (made up of high-quality materials) consume less electricity and shine more than most bulbs. They can imitate the sun or daylight and radiate a warm glow. They release heat, and this releasement also makes them work like other bulbs such as “Incandescent Bulbs.”

If the LED bulb you bought is good, it will probably last longer than expected. (Nearly 50,000 hours). So, if you want to buy LED bulbs for your salt light, never let anyone stop you from buying them. People could say those bulbs do not activate salt’s benefits; however, trust in us, they work like a charm.

Can I Use an Oven Bulb in the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Wherever you look, you may see a bulb and wonder whether that bulb would work in the Himalayan salt lamp. Oven bulbs are one of those bulbs. Oven bulbs are bulbs that are usually manufactured in special ways. They are manufactured to endure very high temperatures, so manufacturers, instead of focusing on the bulb’s brightness, tend to focus on its endurance.

They can work in your salt lamps however, they may not work like you want them to. As we have stated already, they are specially manufactured bulbs that are manufactured to only lighten up a small space, like inside the oven. If you use an oven bulb in your Himalayan salt lamps, you won’t face any problems, but also, you won’t see any benefits either because the lightning would be so dim.

So, oven bulbs can be used for your Himalayan salt lamps, however, as we have stated above, they probably won’t going to work like you want them to. It will be so dim whenever you put the base of your salt lamp and turn it on, or it won’t fit in it. So, in the end, it is your choice. Maybe you like dim places; if you do, you should use the oven bulb in your Himalayan salt lamps, but we do not recommend using it as it does not make us feel like other bulbs feel.

What to Do With a Salt Lamp That No Longer Works?

First, if the problem with the salt lamp is with its electrical aspect, leaving it in the hands of professionals is the best option here. It is dangerous to try to fix it on your own, and although you might be able to overcome the hardships of electricity, there is always the danger of being shocked, so if it is not working, get its electric-related parts checked first. But if the problem is with the salt lamp itself, there are some things that you can do on your own.

If you think that your salt lamp does not benefit you and your health in some ways, you can try to donate it, however; if you do not want to donate it to someone or somewhere, break it into little pieces and leave every little piece in different places might come interesting to hear. Nowadays, many people take one big stone and break it into little pieces, then place those pieces in different places throughout their household. According to them, this helps them to get rid of negative energy faster.

Another thing you can do with your stone is get it shaped. If you take your stone to someone who can shape stones with care, they can give you the salt lamps that you want in a particular shape, such as squares, triangles, or pentagonal shapes. They make a good home décor.

In Conclusion

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In this article, we tried to cover the most frequently asked questions about salt lamp bulbs, such as “What bulbs do salt lamps take?”, “Can I use LED in my salt lamp?” or “Do salt lamps need special bulbs?” We tried to give adequate answers to the questions and added our own comments (depending on our own experiences and research) while answering some specific questions. We tried to cover nearly all bulbs that are good for them.

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