About us

One of the cornerstones of modern life that separates us from the ages before us is the form of lighting. Since the invention of the lamp, lighting has undergone a plethora of changes. Although some claim that the life of lamps has been downgraded immensely, it’s become more economical, colorful, and individualized.

Today, you don’t have to be okay with what form of lighting you’ve got as there are endless options to pick from for the purpose and place the light will be used. Before you buy a lighting product, you can ask such questions as “Where will the lighting be used?”, “Will it be made of wood, metal, or something else entirely?”, “What color will it be?” “Will it be LED lighting or conventional lamp-type lighting?” and more.

Since the industry of lighting has come such a long way, finding what you’re looking for, or even learning what you want, is getting gradually more difficult. With the endless options of lighting in terms of form and content, you may get overwhelmed and feel for a guideā€”a guide like us that has put the lighting in the center.

We, on Lighting Passion, prepare informational content such as tips & tricks, how-tos, introductions to lighting styles and forms, and review everything that emits light.