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Advanced LED Lights Review


Only some hues, not the entire spectrum, are present in all light sources. The range of hues seen in sunlight, on the other hand, causes metabolic responses and provides the plants with energy. As a result, plants may grow quickly and healthily under the correct LED illumination settings.

The most common grow lights emit purple and pink light. However, LED technology also has a wide range of uses. One of them is indoor plant growth. Modern LED lighting is ideal for your plants. BGS Grow Light stimulates and fortifies roots to maximize photosynthesis and achieve optimal development. It is tuned to precisely match the requirements of indoor plants. It also releases relatively little heat.

Additionally, Advanced LED provides an easy-to-use color selection and 11+ wavelength color output. Full spectrum, which is not a scientific phrase, is widely used to describe how closely LED lighting products resemble natural light. 

Brand Name AdvancedLED Lights
Color White
Fixture Type Non-Removable
Included Components Grow Lights
Item Weight 18.00 pounds
Model Number DS XML 350
Mounting Type Inside Mount
Number of Items 1
Power Source Type Corded-Electric
Voltage 220.00 volts

Who Is This Product For?

All green plants need light to perform photosynthesis, while special cells convert the energy in the light into sugar. In the process, plants give off oxygen. Seedlings require very bright light, and when they don’t get enough, they become weak and leggy. In many cases, even the sunniest window does not provide the intensity or duration of light they need, especially in winter.

Advanced LED is perfect for your plants. BGS Grow Light stimulates and strengthens roots, calibrated to meet the exacting needs of indoor plants to increase photosynthesis and achieve peak growth. They also emit very little heat.

Although more expensive at first, advanced LEDs are super-efficient. They last 20 times longer than fluorescent bulbs and use at least 50% less electricity. In addition, advanced LED is environmentally friendly. It does not contain mercury and does not break like fluorescents, creating less waste and hazards.

Although standard grow lights emit blue and red light, these lamps come in many different color combinations because each color has other effects on the plant.

At this point, advanced LED will be the ideal lighting for your plants. However, insufficient light is not enough for photosynthesis, and healthy development stops. For this reason, it is necessary to illuminate the plants in closed-non-light environments with advanced LEDs at an intensity appropriate for the species.

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Features of Advanced LED Lights

Full Spectrum 

We have been exposed to various new words ever since the idea of LED lighting entered our lives. One is the complete spectrum, sometimes known as the full spectrum. Some manufacturers advertise the broad-spectrum light that their LED lighting devices provide.

The form of lighting that covers all wavelengths beneficial to plants and animals is known as full spectrum lighting. Even though the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth changes depending on the time of day, the latitude, and the surrounding atmosphere, sunlight is still regarded as having a full spectrum. Advanced LED Lights also have the same features.

Moreover, Advanced LED Lights has 11+ wavelength color output and easy-to-use color selection. Full spectrum is a word that is frequently used to describe how natural light-like LED lighting products on the market are; it is by no means a technical term. The visible spectrum of light can be produced by products branded as full spectrum.

Advanced LED Lights are frequently utilized in indoor plant cultivation. There is a belief that full-spectrum illumination is advantageous in daily living since it resembles sunshine. High-brightness light is produced by full spectrum lights, which resemble natural sunlight. However, because these lamps also emit some blue light, which is the light’s short wavelength, extended exposure to this light can harm people.

High Efficiency with Quality 

The most crucial component for plant growth is light. For the day-night cycle produced by the light that plants give off from the sun in the natural environment to occur, they must get the proper quantity of light. The plant needs eight hours of darkness and eight hours of light every day while growing.

Thanks to its quality construction, it reaches high efficiency with its Advanced LEDs. Also, only 10w CREE XML LEDs and Bridgelux blue and white LEDs are available.

Combined with XML 350 LED Grow Light, it is an excellent alternative to 600w HPS light for all stages of plant growth. XML 350 is an excellent option for your indoor garden, as it will help your plants grow better and use less electricity.

Moreover, it will be an ideal light source for indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers. It performs exceptionally well in the cloning, vegetative and flowering cycles. Replaces 600w to 800w HPS/MH. USA, CREE XML, and Bridgelux Blue White LEDs are available.

It assists you with a precision 90-degree XML collimator lens for optimum coverage. It also has clone, vegetable, and flower modes and color selection dimmable switches along with advanced LED drivers for higher performance.

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Value for Money 

Your plants are precious to you; if you want to see them grow and develop, you can get various grow lights. For this, you can ensure that your plants grow fast and healthy with Advanced LED. You need to know little details when buying an Advanced LED grow light. Knowing these small but important details ensures that your plant grows in the healthiest way possible.

Eliminates air conditioning in most growing areas due to very low heat output. Dual Heat Sink reduces heat by over 50% compared to others. It has specially designed diamond vents for optimum airflow, along with a honeycomb fan cover with a dust filter. The daisy chain link feature allows up to 4 lights in one cable.

Moreover, get more abundant and quality harvest with the new generation plant growing led with Advanced LED. In this way, you can save your budget, get more harvest, and use it for a long time without increasing your electricity bill and without heat problems. The Advanced LED grow light is designed for long-lasting, efficient, and easy-growing indoor plants. This product is ideal for beginner and beginner indoor growing.

Easy to Use 

Grow lights are intrigued by almost all plant and vegetable growers. For this, it is recommended that people first buy LED lamps with a high spectrum and USB input. Then, Advanced LED comes up with all its features when market research is done.

Growing plants is already an arduous task. In this case, grow lights are a lifesaver for many people, without giving up on your hobby or healthily growing your plants. With its ease of use, Advanced LED allows your plants to grow very comfortably, even at home. You can easily install this grow light by checking the instruction manual.

Plant growers are also wondering how big the grow lights should be. The fact that the Advanced LED is metal is of great importance in terms of durability. In addition, by paying attention to the wattage of this grow light, you can provide the ideal environment for your plant.

In addition, you can meet all your needs with Advanced LED, which has more than one color option, instead of buying lamps in red and blue. In addition, its low power consumption and long service life provide ease of use for many people.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it takes a lot of work to grow plants. Grow lights are a lifesaver for many people in this circumstance who wish to continue their hobby while also successfully growing their plants.

Advanced LEDs’ ease of use enables your plants to develop very pleasantly, even at home. You value your plants highly, and many types of grow lights are available if you want to watch them flourish. This LED may be used primarily to ensure that your plants grow rapidly and healthily. Thanks to its superb construction, it achieves excellent efficiency with its advanced LEDs. 

Furthermore, only 10w CREE XML and Bridgelux blue and white LEDs are available. Plant farmers are likewise unsure about how to design grow lights. Regarding durability, the Advanced LED’s metal construction is crucial. By paying attention to the wattage of this grow light, you may also provide your plant with the best environment possible.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This light is outstanding. I must raise the light every few says. Promotes phenomenal growth

TB – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: Customer service is unreachable: they do not answer the telephone nor respond to email inquiry.

jerome kujawa – ⭐⭐

Review: The light worked well the first crop, then I had to send back for repair, I had bought the 650 xml after one or two crops I had to send back again because another light had burned out. It took 2 months to get the light back as they couldnt find replacement bulbs. Now after 3 years several bulbs are burned out and they told me they no longer carry the bulbs and would have to outsource them, at that point I just gave up and went back to high pressure sodium, very disappointing for a 1500 dollar light. And don’t believe they have good customer service, it’s only good when they are selling

Chris Alley – ⭐⭐

Review: I have had 4 of these lights now and they are the best but I have troubles with spending more since have had them fail after 2-3 years. The first time I had it replaced no problems, second time i had to do my own repairs and it never got resolved properly since it was a pain. Now my other light I’m finding the leds burning out, turning black or yellowish on some lenses. For the money i expected better service and longer lasting products. My last one was just outside the warrenty window so i was out of luck.

stephen – ⭐⭐

Review: I like everything about it, grew monsters with this thing, bought it for a 1000usd when it was first released, though i only had maybe 3-5 runs with it, along with 2 other smaller models for backup. If you plan on investing for 50,000 hour LED GROW LIGHT THIS IS NOT THE ONE, i believe ADVANCED LED has been passed by other competitors, i feel like this model will be discontinued sooner or later. Parts is unavailable, i guess the company didnt properly planned that parts makes more profit than the unit itself.

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