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Feit Electric Intellibulb LED Bulb Review


The price of LED bulbs has significantly decreased during the past few years. Even smart light bulbs should be simple to use. Sadly, there are large variations in quality, and these variations are not always proportional to cost.

The right lamp, chandelier, or pendant, along with the right type of light bulb, may radically alter the look and feel of a space. A three-way light that can be used anywhere with a 60W replacement “IntelliBulb” that alternates between 100, 60, and 10% brightness settings is an example of a bulb with several brightness settings that can be adjusted by simply flipping your existing switch on and off. You won’t have to worry about looking for switches or stumbling through dimly lit passageways ever again.

Feit Electric, the newest company to enter the “almost smart” light bulb market, has developed a quartet of bulbs that offer at least some of the functions higher-tech lights offer without the need for a hub, an app, or even Wi-Fi. Additionally, it effectively manages heat buildup, making it an excellent option for use in a fixture that is enclosed and where heat is trapped.

Brand Feit Electric
Incandescent Equivalent Wattage 60 watts
Wattage 8.8 watts
Bulb Base E26
Lİght Color Soft white
Bulb Shape Size A19
Special Feature Motion Sensor
Light Type LED
Voltage 120 volts
Color Temperature 2700 Kelvin
Power Source AC
Pros Cons
Three brightness settings The motion sensitivity is too sensitive
Great light quality The light doesn’t turn off
Not expensive  
Safe to use  

Who is Feit Electric Intellibulb LED bulb for?

In addition to being useful in everyday life, these lamps are employed in power shortages. This bulb is a compact, carry-anywhere gadget. Thanks to these secure bulbs, you may engage in activities both inside and outside without being bothered. Three different light settings are available for usage with this multipurpose instrument. People who want both dim and bright light at various times of the day will find it the ideal application.

For many consumers, this LED light bulb is the one they prefer. After about 1.5 years of use, these Bulbs will pay for themselves. It will pay for itself even sooner if you refuse it for 1.5 years. The 15,000-hour lifespan means that it will keep shining for well over a decade after that. It is a fantastic option for those who wish to consider where they spend their money.

You won’t need to change the batteries in the lamp very often because each set is made to last up to 25 hours. All bulbs are rated for a lifespan of 15,000 hours. You can be sure that the light bulb will provide the necessary repelling force. Many are also available in BR30 form factors for installation in ceiling cans. The IntelliBulb would be a good option for an enclosed fixture where heat is trapped in the bulb.

Features of Feit Electric Intellibulb LED Bulb

Three Settings 

As its three selectable color temperatures, it offers soft white, cold white, and daylight. Simply turning the light on and off allows for easy switching between settings. After being off for over a few seconds, the light bulb will return to its former setting when you turn it on again.

According to their promises, the bulb will emit 800 lumens at its highest setting, matching the output of a normal 60W incandescent. When it is turned up to its highest level, the replacement bulb, which is 60W, is more than bright enough. At the second level, the brightness is more akin to a 40W accent light. At the lowest level, you get a lovely, gentle glow that won’t annoy you while you watch a movie or go to sleep.

The light bulb operates flawlessly and emits clear, bright light with an exact color temperature regardless of your chosen setting. If the switch is conveniently reachable, changing the color temperature can be done fast by choosing one of those three values.

The fact that this product was created with multiple uses in mind is another fantastic feature. It serves as a warning, a nightlight, a string of holiday ornaments, a salt lamp, and an escape route. The lamp also functions flawlessly with hardwired dimmer controls.

Energy Efficient 

Feit Electric Intellibulb LED bulb nightlight, among the brightest ones available, allows the light to end abruptly at the bulb base. This LED light bulb type ought to be your initial choice due to its effectiveness. It performs admirably, much like the majority of LED light bulbs.

The highest 60W replacement level only consumes 9.5 watts, resulting in 91 lumens per watt. That’s an excellent estimate, and if you use the bulb for three hours each day at full brightness, it will only raise your annual energy costs by a little bit more than one dollar.

With annual energy costs of just cents, it can minimize energy savings by up to 90%. You would only have to pay pennies a year if you utilized the energy-efficient substitute for the bulk of energy-guzzling light bulbs.

Quality of Light 

Naturally, a lot of buyers pick this product because of its quality, efficiency, and light output measured in lumens. In terms of light quality, the IntelliBulb works wonderfully as well. Even though the actual capabilities of the bulbs varied widely, the light quality and brightness were consistently good.

Even while the measured color temperature of 2,764 K is somewhat higher and seems whiter than the advertised 2,700 K, it is still comfortably within the range of soft white because of how well the omnidirectional design distributes light evenly in all directions.

Before the heat sinks begin to function and things begin to stabilize at the so-called “steady state,” LEDs often endure a loss of brightness of around 15% during the first hour or two of use. The lights provide great lighting, even when their distinctive attributes fall short.

Compared to its competitors, it uses 80% less energy and provides stable electricity more effectively. Additionally to being favorable for the environment, the price of electricity is not raised.

Safe to Use 

This light bulb’s 15 lumens of warm white light are ideal for creating a welcoming environment. LED light bulbs will warm up as you use them, much like other technology, and just like your phone or laptop, performance will decline as the temperature rises.

The light bulb is built to withstand coming into contact with high-voltage networks. Plastic or grounded metal protection covers are the main materials used to make sure there is some protection from this high voltage.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, LEDs will provide lighting in the future. They are strong, effective, and reasonably priced. Additionally, today’s LEDs are available in a variety of tints, colors, and brightness levels, so you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Because they include a battery backup, these lamps are a good alternative that may be used in a crisis. The performance of the light bulb is improved by these batteries, which also recharge it. Purchase one of this type as soon as you can.

Light bulbs are simple in terms of their functional design, so don’t be puzzled by the thought of choosing the proper model. Although it costs a little more than the normal 60W replacement LED, the Feit Electric Intellibulb LED bulb is well worth the extra money for anyone who doesn’t use dimmer switches yet occasionally needs the lights dimmed.

This is a great bulb because it usually gets things right if you like to dim the lights but don’t have dimmer switches.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Jo – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love Feit products. They work, and the bulb lasts a very long time.

Look around you – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This lamps works very well. It detects motion out to 12 or 15 feet; the light is warm-neutral. In every way should be a 5-star review.

Peanut – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I needed a light in the basement that did not turn off after 30 seconds or a minute because my basement has a side room where the door shuts by itself so no motion would be detected outside of the room if I was in there. It could be dangerous if the lights outside of the side-room turned off after 30 seconds because there is a big stair-step coming out of the room. So when I found that this light bulb stays on for 10 minutes, I purchased right away. Also, there is a light bulb behind the stairs going into the basement so the motion activation feature is perfect especially if you are carrying things down the stairs with no hands to turn on the switch.

Pete from Boston – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have three. I use two in the back of my home for motion security. I just placed them in the existing fixtures. The third I use as a motion light inside my garage so I don’t have to reach for the light switch when I bring the trash out and my hands are full. This one needed a plug in wall switch. I have also noticed it turns on when I open the door to the garage quickly-maybe from the wall shaking a bit. When I open the door normally, it doesn’t come on until there is motion.

Pete from Boston – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This light bulb has the motion detection built into the bulb so you can put it in any fixture you want motion detection to be activated. The fixture must be kept on all the time but the light will only shine when there is motion close by. Actually it detects motion about 10-15 feet away. We use one on our front porch light and in our yard light at the street. No special fixture is needed. fits in any regular light fixture. Has a switch that it can be used at night only or 24 hours a day.

V. Gaub – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: So i have purchased Feit, GE, Gosund, and Treat lift smarts bulbs. I will say all of them work mostly but Fiet seems to be the one that has the most diffculty connecting or staying connected to my routers. For context i run 3 routers in mesh that more then covers my home including up to 500mb speed so that is not a variable here. Also I have other smart balbs that have way less issues then the Feit bulbs. Fiet just tends to have connection issues regulaly. Now that i am deeply invested its too late for now to change all of them out so currently i just deal with the connection issues. I have the same problem with outdoor Feit Camera as well. Its doesnt happen all the time but happens enough that it is annoying. I suggest going to another brand if you have options.

James Wardley – ⭐⭐

Review: Works great, But it is very sensitive the smallest of Motions will set it off. Like a reflection in a window…. 10 mins is a bit long to stay on but there is no way to change that.

Trey – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I installed the bulbs in separate closets with doors but can see through a crack in the door to know if they are on or off. After two hours both bulbs were still on. I contacted the manufacturer directly but did not receive any response. This is very disappointing as i have used other products by this manufacturer.

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