Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights

Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights Review


The Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights offer a fun and innovative way to illuminate your home with vibrant and colorful lighting. These lights come with several features, including app control, remote control, a music and light dance mode, a special timer, and flexible led strips. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of these led lights, who this product is suitable for, and the features of these lights in detail.

Pros Cons
Can be controlled via app and remote control Not waterproof and can only be used indoors
Music and light dance mode adds to the ambiance Remote control has limited range
Special timer for light alarm clock function No option for white light, only RGB
Easy to install with strong adhesive The app can be buggy and difficult to use

Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights


Who Is This Product For?

The Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights are ideal for those who love to add a touch of vibrancy and color to their homes. They are particularly suitable for teenagers who enjoy adding personal touches to their rooms.

The music and light dance mode is a feature that teenagers and young adults will love as it adds to the overall ambiance of their room. Additionally, those who are looking for a unique way to decorate their homes for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays will also find these lights useful.

Features of Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights

App and Remote Control

The Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights come with both app and remote control options, making them easy to operate and control from a distance. Using the app, users can change the color, brightness, and mode of the lights.

The app is easy to use and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. However, some users have reported occasional glitches or difficulty connecting to the lights via the app. On the other hand, the remote control has a limited range and needs to be pointed directly at the control box for it to work properly.

Music and Light Dance Mode

The lights come with a music and light dance mode that makes the lights flash in sync with music or other sounds. This feature is a fun and immersive way to enjoy the lights and is particularly appealing to teenagers and young adults.

The high-sensitivity audio sensor picks up on sounds from nearby speakers or devices and adjusts the lights accordingly. However, this feature may not be suitable for those who prefer a quieter, more subdued lighting environment.

Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights


Special Timer

The special timer feature allows users to set the lights to turn on and off automatically at specified times. This feature is useful for those who want to use the lights as a light alarm clock or want to save energy by turning the lights off when not in use. The timer can be set using either the app or remote control and is easy to program.

Flexible Led Strips

The flexible led strips can be bent and shaped around corners, making them easy to install in tight spaces. The strips are also cuttable, allowing users to customize the length to fit their specific needs. The led strips come with a strong adhesive backing that allows them to be securely attached to most surfaces, including wood, lacquer, and clean walls. However, some users have reported that the adhesive can lose its strength over time or may not stick well to certain surfaces.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights are a great product for those looking for vibrant and colorful lighting. The app and remote control, music and light dance mode, and special timer are all great features that add to the overall user experience. However, the lack of white light and the app’s occasional bugginess may be a turn-off for some users.

Additionally, these lights are not waterproof and can only be used indoors, which is something to keep in mind when considering purchasing them. Nevertheless, the easy installation and flexible led strips make these lights a great addition to any home, particularly for teenagers and young adults.

Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights


Top Amazon Customer Comments

SpaceFuzz – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I got two of these for my two daughters (9 and 11). We installed the 1st set with temporary double-sided tape until we were confident of our layout and coverage (using your own tape is a pain). This took maybe an hour to cover the whole room. We were amazed and pleasantly surprised that the strips were long enough to do everything we wanted. We didn’t cut or use any connectors. At corners, we simply folded the strip onto itself. Worked great. In our second room, we loved the way the 1st room came out so much that we used the adhesive on the strip itself. Wow! This worked so much better, and faster! 20 minutes and the room was done. Other than brushing off the dust on window frames, we didn’t clean the wall or anything and the adhesive stuck great! The folded corners stuck tightly around the windows. In both strips, all LEDs worked perfectly and look great. Amazing spectrum of color and brightness that you can tune via the app and remote. Custom buttons on the remotes that you can program your favorite colors. The app worked perfectly 1st try and lets you set timers for the lights, etc. We’re 100% satisfied and recommend these!

SpaceFuzz – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These are awesome , had the about 3 weeks and they have not budged . They are 2 rolls but they are 2 rolls connected so you can’t just do one roll in one room and one roll in the other lol I didn’t know before purchase. The only other issue is they turn off after a while I think maybe they get to hot

Moonlight – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: First, the box cover image is very misleading. This light string will only produce 1 color at a time. This is not an addressable strip just RGB.

Bill Flippen – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I put these lights underneath my bed. Install was simple, the hardest part was initially pulling the plastic off of the back of the adhesive, once i was able to get a little tab separated, it came off without an issue. The 50’ length was way too long and I was able to cut it to a shorter length so I didn’t have a ton of extra light under the bed. I didn’t see clear instructions in how to cut it, but I used my experience with led strips and cut in the middle of the gold color dots (not the silver ones) and it worked perfectly fine once I plugged it in. The lights aren’t the brightest LED’s on the market and the LED’s are spaced out a little further than most lights I have used in the past, but for what I was trying to do it worked perfectly. Setting up with the app was pretty simple as long as you know how to use bluetooth and scan a QR code, but my biggest complaint is that some of the colors are not true color matches, for example the yellow is more of yellow green.

Robert Germann – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These were super easy to install and the adhesive backing is holding up really well so far! We can’t really use the remote because the receiver is hidden behind our couch but I was able to connect to the app without any issues. These lights are super fun with all the color changing options. Perfect addition to our living room! Well worth the buy.

Robert Germann – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I ordered the 100FT and I will say the adhesive seems very strong and the lights work great. App works great too.

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