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Lumio Book Lamp Review: Light Up Your Reading


Reading a book can take us to another world. We get lost between the lines and experience the events with the heroes described in the book. Sometimes it drags us into it so much that we may not realize how much time has passed and how long we haven’t been able to take our eyes off the lines. Afterward, our burning or aching eyes invite us to break away from the pages.

It is an issue that you will relax while reading your book or magazine, but it is also of some importance because you focus on something. Therefore, the light you will use while focusing on your book is very important. For this reason, the reading lamp you choose while reading a book should be a light that will focus your attention following the function you will perform in this section, but that will not tire you too much.

Normally, reading lamps are lamps that are located right next to your desk, that is, they function very close to you. If you choose a lamp with very high power when choosing this, your eyes may start to hurt even though it has been 5 minutes since you started reading a book. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to perform your reading using a low-power lighting device. A correct reading lamp will allow you to focus on your book and will be healthy for your eyes.

Pros Cons
It is the charging energy The charging cable is short
Authentic, stylish design Plastic materials
High-performance LED lighting Battery lasts for about 8 hours
No need to plug in The price may be high
Lumio Book Lamp

Who is this product for?

Some nights, because of your curiosity and excitement about the book you started, you read for pages without falling asleep. If you are a bookworm and can read pages in one sitting, the Lumio book lamp we have chosen for you today may be just what you need. Because it can be painful for you to notice your sore eyes after you stop reading.

Designed by the Lumio brand, this authentic lamp is designed using LED light. You know that reading a book requires focus. For this reason, it will be very beneficial for you to choose a light color in white light color or colors close to white. Another thing to consider when choosing reading lamps is that they are LED because these lamps will provide a great advantage for you.

The most prominent of these advantages is that it does not create any heat that will disturb you with the LED used. In this way, this book lamp designed by the Lumio brand you keep close to you and does not cause any discomfort by generating heat.

Features of Lumio Book Lamp

Ease of Use

You need light to read your book. The light you will use should not tire your eyes and focus on you. The Lumio book lamp has been designed with these conditions in mind. It arrives shortly after you place your order. It is easy to carry with its brown, laser-cut wooden skin. As long as you keep the light off, it does not take up space in your home with its wooden cover, and with its partial book appearance, you can easily keep it in your library next to your books.

When you open the cover of the product, its cylindrical LED interior design welcomes you. You can open it, place your book in the part that is set for your book, and start reading comfortably. While reading a book, you know that you may have to get up momentarily. Your spouse or child may call you or your phone may ring. For many reasons like these, you may have to get up from your book.

It is very difficult for you to find the place where you are staying because your book is closed when you return. But thanks to This book lamp designed by the Lumio brand even if you leave your book, your book will not be closed and you will not have to search for the page for a long time. Because thanks to the lamp’s strong magnets, your book will stay open on the page you left off and wait for you.

Value for Money

We all know that one of the first things we pay attention to before buying a product is the price. For this reason, we can look for maximum efficiency and minimum price for a product we need and need to buy. It is very important that you choose a product that offers value for money, with performance comparisons on the price scales of the products we researched.

At this point, the price of the Lumio book lamp may seem high for you. Of course, this may vary with your expectations from a reading lamp and your budget. If the features are what you want, if you say this is the product I need, then this lamp may be the right product for you in terms of price/performance.

This book reading lamp will win your appreciation for its performance and versatility. One of the biggest pluses is that it does not work with a power connected to the outlet. As long as you charge the battery, you can use it for lighting wherever and however you want. The lamp with these features and power will help you and make your life easier. Because after a while you buy and start using the energy savings provided by the lamp, you will realize it yourself.

Aesthetics / Design

Lumio Book Lamp

The design of the Lumio book lamp is very useful and decorative. The cover part of the lamp is designed from a brown thin wood. This design attracts the attention of authentic lovers. When you open the hardcover cover, it turns into a highlighting performance LED lamp like magic. This design has a sculptural look. It gives the impression that you are reading a book between the paper lantern. It provides 500 lumens of illumination with 1.2 watts of illumination.

It opens 180 degrees, which is enough width for your book. Lumio’s minimalist, the compact form provides maximum portability. Because it is aimed to provide maximum efficiency by using lighter materials in the design. When you open the skin, the transparent, pleated interior is made of water-resistant Tyvek. Thus, since it is durable, it is difficult to be damaged in any accident that may occur.

This innovative lamp can be easily carried with you wherever you want to use it. Strong neodymium magnets built into the covers are sturdy enough to hold your book. It provides full brightness by expanding the convertible light used in its interior by 180 degrees. It also allows it to be mounted on any magnetic surface.


We can all try different ways to escape the stress and intensity of our lives. For some people, the escape route may be to read something. You can read page by page on nights you can’t sleep. Of course, it could also be the other way around. In other words, you may not be able to sleep because of the excitement and curiosity of the book you are reading. In this case, you read the book you started for hours and pages without blinking an eye.

Reading small written words closely is a task you need to focus on while reading a book. For this to happen, good light is also necessary for good focus. Lumio book lamp will provide you with this focus and brightness with its high-performance LEDs.

Everyone has a different way of meditating and treating their problems. For example, a forest or a lakeside near your home where you feel good is an escape point for you. But since it will be dark, you need lighting. This lamp designed by the Lumio brand works not only when reading, but also in such situations. Because it can give you a light for 8 hours with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You do not need electrical power for this. By carrying it with you, you can illuminate the environment you want.

Final Verdıct

Today, we have reviewed this book lamp designed by the Lumio brand for you, which has high-performance LED lighting that will allow you to focus while reading and will not tire your eyes. This lamp, which works with rechargeable batteries without the need for electricity, can be an indispensable product that makes your life easier. Because when you need lighting,

 It is a product that can be at hand. Since it has a lightweight design, you can easily carry and use it wherever you want. Moreover, it will fascinate you with its authentic and sculptural design. If you buy this product by being impressed by its useful and eye-pleasing decorative design, don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Terrell – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: I like my Lumio but it has some room for improvement, especially for a couple hundred dollar lantern.

L.Ander – ⭐⭐

Review: Unfortunately, the book lamp did not shut off once it was opened. I contacted Lumio’s “help center” and was told they would get back to me within 2 days. After two days, I returned the lamp and ordered a cheaper version which works beautifully. This is WAY TOO MUCH money and NOT ENOUGH customer support (three weeks later I received an e-mail from Lumio). Purchase a cheaper version (knock-off), you will be happier.

Flats Man – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Truth is we can’t seem to find a good place to put this lamp. It is fun, bright and looks terrific. But it seems silly to keep it on all the time. So we leave it closed and open it when we need some light or want to use it as an accent piece. It is really a fun and pretty light

Amazon Customer – ⭐

Review: Unfortunately there is a design flaw on the “spine” of the book where the wood peels away. I returned the first one when it was delivered with the flaw and the second one had the same issue. Unfortunately, MoMA’s customer service was not what should be expected. Shameful based on the price of the item.

Yukoliesh – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: So stylish and it can save some energy at the same time. I love it!

Martin – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: excellent product

David Tommela – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Absolutely stunning design and elegant in style.


Review: exellent

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