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Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn Light Bulb Review


All of the lighting problems, as well as many others, may be solved by illumination and light bulbs designed to work from dusk till morning. Because of their high level of energy efficiency, the amount of money spent on electricity will be reduced significantly with these bulbs.

They are “dusk-to-dawn” lights, which means that they turn on when it is beginning to get dark outside and turn off when it is beginning to become light outside. This is a very convenient kind of lighting. You won’t have to worry about constantly forgetting to switch the lights on or off.

They are suitable for use in any environment where standard light bulbs can be screwed. This refers to locations with built-in sockets and lights, such as the outside of a home or building and the inside of a house with built-in lighting. You don’t need to acquire any new lamps or anything else to utilize these light bulbs; you may use them with the lights you already have. In this article, Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb will be examined.

Brand Philips LED
Light Type LED
Wattage 8 watts
Usage Outdoor, Indoor
Light Color Soft White
Style Mower
Voltage ‎120 Volts
Color Temperature ‎2700 Kelvin
Pros Cons
Long Lasting These bulbs may not work with a dimmer switch.
Dusk-to-dawn technology  
Energy Efficient  
Comfortable light for everyone  

What are the advantages of LED bulbs?

Industries and commercial establishments concerned with cutting down on their energy consumption and associated expenses might profit greatly from switching to LED lighting. A few of the many benefits of LED bulbs are as follows:

The lifetime of an LED light is far longer than that of a standard incandescent bulb. Incandescent bulbs have an estimated lifespan of 1,000 hours while average LED bulbs may shine for up to 50,000 hours. The manufacturer claims a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, however, this varies greatly with use. In other words, an LED bulb may live anywhere from six to twelve years depending on how you use it. That’s forty times as long as a standard light bulb lasts.

The fact that LED lights use so little power is a major benefit. LED lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting methods, resulting in less wasted light and more usable lumens. If all the lights in a building were converted to LEDs, the energy consumption might be reduced by as much as 60–70 percent. Depending on the kind of lights you’re replacing and the LED lights you’re utilizing, the improvement might be as big as 90% in certain circumstances.

Reduced expenses may be directly attributed to these efficiencies in energy use. LED lights are an excellent investment for any company’s bottom line because of the substantial reduction in energy consumption they cause when replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Features of Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn Light Bulb

Energy Efficient 

Although they are not the same thing, energy efficiency and energy conservation both work toward the same end objective: decreasing the amount of energy used. The key distinction is as follows. For energy conservation to be successful, people need to reduce their participation in activities that use up energy, such as driving less, turning off lights, and using appliances less often.

Increasing one’s energy efficiency makes it possible to switch on the lights, drive a car, and wash clothes while simultaneously decreasing the energy required to do so, thanks to various technological advancements. Using energy more efficiently is truly the crux of the matter.

Reduced energy consumption via the implementation of efficiency measures is beneficial to both the economy and your pocketbook. Energy efficiency is beneficial to the environment since it cuts down on the quantity of energy needed to complete certain activities.

It can help reduce air and water pollution caused by certain types of energy generation, and it can help to avoid negative impacts on important ecosystems, such as the obstacles that a new hydroelectric dam could impose on migrating salmon.

Both of these benefits can be achieved through their use. In addition to this, it may reduce strain on the electrical grid. When compared to standard 60-watt incandescent lights, the Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn bulb uses 75% less energy. In this way, it is an energy-efficient product.


Since they are reactive and only consume energy when necessary, dusk-to-dawn lights only draw electricity when the outside environment is sufficiently dark, thanks to photocell technology. Therefore, installing lights that turn on automatically from nightfall to morning can help you save a ton of money on your monthly electricity bill. Not only are they easier to maintain due to their reactive nature, but all that is required of you is to set up the system and forget about it.

This means that after you have properly placed your dusk-to-dawn lights, they will automatically turn on and off throughout the day based on the motion they detect. Whether you’re too tired, too busy, or just plain lazy, you don’t have to walk outside every time it gets dark to turn on your lights. These will help you save a lot of effort and time.

The versatility of dusk-to-dawn lighting is one of its primary advantages. Putting up a dusk-to-dawn light is a great way to ensure that your front porch, driveway, walkways, and building entrances are always well-lit, even after the sun has set. By turning it on at night and off again when daylight is detected, dusk-to-dawn light fixtures give brilliant illumination and constant light coverage throughout the day and night.

In addition to providing bright outdoor lighting for additional safety and getting rid of gloomy outside regions at your home or workplace, switching to dusk-to-dawn light bulbs in your external lighting fixtures is a great way to save energy and money.

The brightness of a light, or its lumens, is independent of the color temperature it emits, so keep that in mind while shopping for lights to use from twilight to morning. Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb will help you light your places well with its dusk-to-dawn technology.


The primary reason why people purchase and install dusk-to-dawn lighting is to have bright lights throughout the evening to boost the level of safety and security in outdoor areas. These light fixtures are flood lights, which produce light beams that are both broad and intense. As a result, they are ideal for lighting up vast outdoor areas such as yards, parking lots, sports fields, and roadways.

Floodlights are the best option if you want to illuminate broad regions or massive items since their light beams are often much wider than those of other types of lights. Light fixtures that automatically turn on and off at dusk and dawn are versatile in that they may be used in a variety of settings while still performing admirably.

However, because of the LED light technology that they employ, Dusk-to-Dawn light fixtures can deliver greater light coverage than traditional lighting solutions. In addition, these light fixtures also consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.

It’s not only the light fixtures that have a lengthy lifespan; LED light bulbs also do so! Light fixtures that automatically turn on and off at dusk and dawn need almost little maintenance, and you won’t need to bother about changing the bulbs for over ten years.

Comfortable Light  

Businesses must start taking environmental responsibility. Companies that employ ecologically friendly light sources not only cut their energy use but also appeal to an increasingly eco-conscious clientele.

The production procedure for LED lights is also environmentally friendly. Mercury is used as an intrinsic component in many common types of lighting, including fluorescent and mercury vapor bulbs. This means they need extra care as they near the end of their lives. With LED lighting, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems.

As another example, incandescent light bulbs become quite hot while they are on, as anybody who has attempted to replace one soon after it has burned out will attest. Traditional lighting sources, such as incandescent bulbs, convert over 90% of their energy into heat instead of light.

LEDs provide almost totally visible light and generate almost little heat. LEDs don’t emit any UV radiation, making them ideal for illuminating artworks that may decay if exposed to UV light. In addition to these, the Philips Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb has comfortable light. The product was put through rigorous testing for things like flicker, flash, glare, and color rendering to make sure it was EyeComfort compliant. The move to Philips LED, the light made just for your eyes, is reasonable.

Final Verdict

This article reviewed the Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb. The built-in light sensor in Philips Dusk-to-Dawn A19 LED light bulbs triggers the lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. These bulbs may be used both inside and outdoors and have a universally compatible E26 base.

The soothing white light produced by these Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor bulbs is similar to that of a 60-watt incandescent while using 75% less energy. These bulbs provide a soothing, safe glow at 2700 Kelvin, all while saving you money and lasting for a long time. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from industry leader Philips are instant-on, use little energy, and replicate daylight faithfully without flickering or degrading over time.

Philips LED is a high-quality alternative that delivers bright, natural light. They, in contrast to fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, do not contain mercury and do not contribute to the accumulation of toxic waste. When registered, Philips’s 3-pack of Dusk-to-Dawn LED light bulbs has a 10-year guarantee. You may anticipate each bulb to last up to 22,000 hours without having to replace it (assuming three hours of use each day).

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Great light, works well. Please with purchase and will order again.

K.M. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I previously purchased many other brands of dusk-to-dawn LED lights off Amazon but all of them flickered in my outdoor deck light fixture, which created a strobe light effect. As a last resort, I paid the extra money and bought Phillips LED light bulbs, which actually are flicker free. Problem solved. These light bulbs provide a warm color light, not very bright, but I’m very happy with the results. The photosensor seems particularly reliable with outdoor lighting. I have used these same light bulbs inside my house and they stay on for most of the day, so they seem far less sensitive to ambient indoor light, compared to outdoor light levels.

Newspapermana – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Plugged it in my front porch and don’t have to worry about ever not being able to see in the dark. Turns on and off without effort!

beckster – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These bulbs work great in our outdoor lanterns. I like the auto on/off feature and don’t have to worry about arriving home late to a dark house.

MissE – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love these bulbs. It’s nice that I’ll never forget to turn on my porch light in the evening.

Erik G. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: They’re correct, flicker-free (including the fact that I needed a E26/E27 converter), beautiful soft LED lighting that looks just like a normal bulb but better. Dusk to dawn works flawlessly, and overall I’m just really pleased with these bulbs!

Vicki C. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love these lights. They actually turn on and off better than other lights I’ve tried. I even bought them for family members.

W.W. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These are great at night. Gives an extra layer of security. Never need to worry about when to turn them on or when to turn them off. Works great. I would recommend these to anyone.

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