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Ring A19 Smart LED Light Bulb Review


Ring first became well-known for its video doorbells, then moved into other security and home automation areas, including landscape lighting and whole-house alarm systems. Now, the corporation is beginning to make moves in the area of intelligent lighting. This new motion-sensing light bulb works well with Ring doorbells, security cameras, and other motion-detecting lights.

Ring’s lighting products are two extremely simple LED lights that need the same bridge to connect to your Wi-Fi network as the company’s landscape lighting does. These bulbs are the company’s first foray into the smart home lighting market. The Ring A19 bulb offers some of the same features available in smart lights, such as light grouping and scheduling.

It is also compatible with motion-sensing devices that are part of the expanding Ring ecosystem. However, this dimmable bulb connected to Alexa does not support normal smart lighting features such as sceneries and vacation mode. In this article, you will have access to all the details about the Ring A19 Smart LED light bulb.

Brand Ring
Style A19 Smart LED Bulb
Equivalent brightness 60W
Suitable for Indoor lighting and covered outdoor lighting
Brightness (Lumens) 800
Color temperature (Kelvin) 3500K
Working lifespan 25,000 hours
Approximate install time 5 minutes
Pros Cons
It can work with Alexa. Some users stated that they had problems with the mobile application of the product.
You can control from with the Ring app Demands a wireless connection between devices
It has smart features.  
Energy Efficient  

What are The Ring Smart Light Bulbs?

Do you wait for the day when you can adjust the lights with the swipe of a phone? Turning the lamp on and off requires getting up, which is conceivable but not practical if you’re attempting to light your way home from work in the dead of winter. Lights are the latest to reap the benefits of the widespread technological progress taking place at the moment.

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or even wireless radio, smart lighting allows you to control every light in your house from your smartphone. Not only can you control the brightness of your lights, but you can even turn them out entirely when you want to cuddle up with a movie in the dark. Alternatively, you may change the hue of your illumination by using colored LED bulbs. It just takes a few simple touches on your phone.

When compared to other smart home enhancements, the cost and complexity of installing smart bulbs are far lower. LEDs may be up to six times more efficient than incandescent bulbs in terms of energy use. Changing to these bulbs is a good investment since they have a long lifespan (over 25,000 hours). Not to add, since they don’t utilize mercury like CFLs, they may have less of an effect on the environment.

Smart bulbs come in a wide variety of sizes, light temps, and brightnesses, so you probably won’t need to replace your current lighting fixtures. There are a variety of sizes available for bulbs in case you require more illumination in one space but lower in another. After setup, the bulbs need the corresponding app for connection and operation; however, if the light switch is turned off, the bulbs will not illuminate.

Features of Ring A19 Smart LED Light Bulb

Energy Efficient 

Conventional light bulbs have a lifespan of up to 12 times shorter than energy-efficient light bulbs, which use less power to provide the same amount of light as traditional light bulbs. They are a choice that helps you minimize the carbon footprint of your house while also being environmentally friendly. The light emitting diode (LED), the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), and the halogen incandescent are the three types of energy-efficient light bulbs that are most often used.

The quality of the light produced by energy-efficient light bulbs was considered one of its primary drawbacks for a considerable time. LED light bulbs were sterile, harsh, and very bright. However, since LEDs were first brought to the market, a lot has changed, and there is now a huge selection of warm, soft white light bulbs available to choose from.

Furthermore, the time it takes for energy-efficient light bulbs to attain a sufficient level of brightness for illuminating a space is a typical complaint. With the advent of instant-on technologies like LEDs and halogens, this is no longer an issue; however, certain CFLs still need several minutes to reach full brightness.

LEDs and halogens have both taken over for incandescent lamps. Still, a mountain of evidence supports the switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent or LED lights. Ring Smart LED light bulb is a product that completely increases energy efficiency. In this sense, the product will help you reduce your energy costs in the long run.

Remote Control 

The vast majority of smart bulbs establish a connection via a hub, which is just a bundled collection of hardware. The aptest analogy would be that of a wireless router for your PC. After they have been set up, the bulbs need very little more adjustment on your part. The hub and the app that corresponds to it (which is how you control the bulbs) will guide you through setting up the installation, after which you will have access to a comprehensive set of lighting choices.

Even while bulbs are sufficient for the majority of people, there are other components of smart lighting, such as smart switches, that you should be familiar with. Both have benefits and drawbacks, depending on the level of light quality, expenses, and complexity of the installation you need.

It’s not hard to take control of your smart lights. You may have access to your lights no matter where you are, whether lying in bed, sitting at your desk at work, or even on a distant island while you are talking on your phone. Others who have trouble moving around easily, those who live in homes with noisy, creaking staircases, and those who have trouble sleeping well may all benefit from smart lighting.

When you forget to turn off the lights in a room, you won’t have to go from room to room to turn them off physically. You may modify the brightness, intensity, and hue (with the colored LED smart bulbs) of some bulbs using your mobile. Ring A19 Smart LED light bulb comes with a remote control feature. Thus, it presents pleasant moments for you and your family.

Long Lasting 

LED light bulbs come out on top compared to other contemporary lighting solutions. LEDs have an estimated energy efficiency of between 80 and 90%, much higher than traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. LED lights are extensively recognized for their increased durability and cost-effective performance, making them by far the most intelligent lighting option available today.

In addition to this respected energy efficiency, LED lights are also praised for their enhanced longevity. Even though LEDs have a lot going for them, one of the most compelling arguments in their favor is that they have a very long operating lifetime.

Traditional incandescent bulbs provide a light output that ranges from 750 hours for the shorter-life variants to around 2,000 hours for the longer-life varieties. When put next to the amazing average lifespan of LEDs, it becomes clear that there is just no comparison between the two.

Because LED bulbs can provide light for anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, some companies claim that they can provide light for much more. If you use your lights for ten hours every day, on average, LEDs should continue to work properly for you for just about a few months short of 14 years. Even if you spend a lot of money on the most expensive LED bulb, they are still a worthwhile financial investment.

They guarantee a cost-effective proposition due to the lengthy lifetime, which, when combined with energy savings and greater durability, makes them more durable. Ring A19 Smart LED light bulb stands out with its long life. So it will be a good investment for you.

Affordable Price 

Would you want to bring down the monthly power costs for your house or building? In comparison to traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, LEDs use a fraction of the energy to produce the same quantity of light. In addition, LED light bulbs have a lifespan that is up to fifty times longer than that of incandescent bulbs, produce light of better quality, and, in contrast to other energy-efficient bulbs, become brilliant the minute they are turned on.

Even though LED light bulbs have a reputation for being pricey, the fact that they consume so little electricity and have such a long life means that it will, in the long run, be cheaper to use an LED bulb than either a fluorescent or an incandescent bulb.

At first look, it could seem that LED lighting is substantially more costly than traditional lighting. When compared to the cost of an incandescent light bulb, the cost of an LED light bulb is fourteen times more expensive, while the cost of a compact fluorescent light bulb is roughly four times more expensive.

This comparison, on the other hand, disregards two significant aspects. The first advantage is that LED light bulbs have a lifetime that is noticeably more than double that of CFL and incandescent light bulbs. The second advantage of LED lighting is that it consumes much less power than other lighting types.

In recent years, the price of LED lights has dropped to an extremely competitive level. With this information, the Ring Smart LED light bulb is a product that draws attention with its competitive and affordable price.

Final Verdict                              

One might argue that upgrading to smart lights is the least difficult approach to start making smart home improvements. When it comes to some systems, all you need to do is plug the bulbs into the appropriate sockets and download the appropriate application.

Smart lighting is a more modern technique of obtaining entire control of your power, both consumption and use, with certain extra advantages that are only accessible via smart bulbs or smart light switches. Traditional lighting is an outdated method of having complete control of your electricity.

Making the switch from traditional incandescent lights to more modern, energy-saving LED bulbs is a solution that will save you money while also reducing your carbon footprint. Because, in comparison to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, LED lighting has a substantially lower cost throughout its lifetime.

If you now use a significant amount of power to light your house or business facility, moving to LEDs might save you significant money. Although tinkering with the different light settings on your smartphone may be a lot of fun, the feature is more than just a neat gimmick. Advantages of smart lighting over conventional lighting include convenience, flexibility, and the capacity to create a mood. With all these benefits, the Ring A19 Smart LED light bulb is a sensible lighting solution for you.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Tracie Carey – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: UPDATE: Since writing this review, Ring contacted me about my experience. We discussed the issues via phone conversation very pleasantly and Ring did replace my light bulbs at no cost. I do still wish there was an easier way to contact them.

Christine In Florida – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Bought these for my son’s house that he’s moving into in a couple weeks. He’s a Ringaholic and brought his many cameras and sensors from where he currently lives to set up in the new place which is 4 hrs away. He’s active duty military and will deploy so he appreciates the control of lighting. So far no issues with losing connectivity between bridge and bulbs inside the 1,500 sq ft house.

JMR – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Group together and set lights to come on dusk to dawn. Set it and forget it. Perfect for my application!

All the Good Names are taken! – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: IMPORTANT TECHNICAL UPDATE: ( ** you can now install the Ring Mailbox Sensor via Echo Show 10/Sidewalk. You cannot uninstall the Echo Show 10 from the Ring APP or select the bridge- this continues to be an issue**)

Torrey Kim – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have 10 of these bulbs around my house. A couple of the indoor bulbs have started to flicker. I’ve tried reinstalling them. I returned one of them and it was replaced by Ring. But the new one started to flicker too. Our electrician said that sometimes, these types of LED bulbs aren’t compatible with older (20 years old) light fixtures. I’m still happy and I will buy more if I need to. But a fix would be much appreciated.

Elino – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These bulbs were very easy to install and sEtup in the RING APP

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: As per other reviews, the ring bridge installation required perseverance to complete. Be sure to use the Q code in the packaging to get it to work. The Q code triggered a software update and I was finally able to get it to connect to my network. It took several attempts but if finally connected and seems stable. Same thing with each lightbulb…..use the Q code for the update and then they connected easily to the bridge. I also bought the outdoor light socket and used the same process. All now connected in the Ring app and working fine

Yigal P. Weinstein – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: They are expensive but of decent quality. They are only worth it if you already invest in a Ring ecosystem, but if you do they’re a great both indoors and out.

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