SensoryMoon Jellyfish Lamp

SensoryMoon Jellyfish Lamp Review: Soothing Your Nights


We love artistic decorations. Because these pieces add a difference to our home, Office, and every environment we are in and create a different ambiance. Especially lighting decoration is the most important for some of us. You know that ambient lighting can completely change the aura. Frankly, we may be tired of white and bright lights. Because this eye-catching, bright white color can create a hospital atmosphere in the environment. At least, that’s how I avoid white light.

Since we are very busy during the day today, we want to rest when we return home. That’s why we often want a dim environment. Bright and eye-catching colors can add even more fatigue to our tiredness that lasts all day. Especially for migraine sufferers…

Therefore, the calm and dim environment will be good for you and your eyes. Especially when you stay at home and watch something, you may not want the environment to be bright. You may not want it to be completely dark either. That’s why today we will introduce you to the SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp, which is a product that you can choose from 20 different colors and use with the remote control. If you want to take control of your environment with just one remote, continue reading our article. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Pros Cons
Remote-controlled If the engine runs for a long time, it will overheat.
20 different color options Only 4 jellyfish
Engine runs quietly Plastic design
24 months warranty There are no color adjustment keys on the tank
SensoryMoon Jellyfish Lamp

Who is this product for?

If you are an individual who has stressful days, this lamp that you put on your bed before going to sleep at night will help you reduce your stress, and watching it will give you a little peace of mind.

As we mentioned above, the number of individuals suffering from migraine has increased considerably today. You may be faced with a terrible headache when you come home because of this stress and your busy day. Intense and bright colors are triggers for your headache.

This eye-straining brilliance can make you even more uncomfortable. That’s why, with the jellyfish lamp designed by the SensoryMoon brand, this problem can come to an end. Because you can set the best color for you at that moment from 20 different color options with a single button. You can also adjust the color transitions and brightness with 4 different transition settings according to your desire.

This product is very interesting not only for you but also for your boys and girls who are interested in aquariums and aquatic life. You can use it as a night light in your child’s room while they sleep. Moreover, since it does not work with batteries, it has a very long life. To start the lamp, all you have to do is connect the plug to an outlet. Thus, even if your child falls asleep, it will continue to work until you remove it from electrical power.

Features of SensoryMoon Jellyfish Lamp

Ease of Use 

A great decorative item, the SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp is very simple to use and set up. When you order this item, it comes with a navy blue round cylindrical aquarium with several jellyfish. The height of this tank is 14 inches. It’s the right size for your desk.

This impressive-looking high-quality jellyfish aquarium lamp is easy and convenient to use and set up, with a stylish cylindrical tank, four active “floating” jellyfish, and a remote control available in 20 colors. The engine alone cannot move the jellyfish in the tank.

That’s why you need to fill the jellyfish lamp with some distilled water and a drop of dish soap. Then add the silicone jellyfish and choose your favorite color setting and enjoy the ambiance it creates. The bright jellyfish color lamp’s long-lasting LED lights can switch between 16 colors with a single button of the remote.

The engine does not make any noise while it is running. Thus, it does not disturb you in your sleep. You can fall asleep comfortably with the light emitted by this lamp and the view of the moving jellyfish.

Value for Money 

This SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp is sure to give you more for your money. We all know that one of the first things we pay attention to before buying a product is its price. For this reason, we can look for maximum efficiency and minimum price for a product we need and need to buy.

It is very important that you choose a product that offers value for money, with performance comparisons on the price scales of the products we researched. At this point, the jellyfish lamp designed by the SensoryMoon brand may be the right product for you in terms of price/performance.

You will get what you pay for. After using the lamp, you can even increase the number of products you buy, perhaps due to your satisfaction as a result of your experiences. Because if you bought this product for yourself in your room, you will want the positive effect it has on you for your loved ones as well. Thus, you may want to buy it for your children’s room or your spouse’s office.

Many customers make the mistake of purchasing low-quality jellyfish aquarium night lights on the market to save money and cost less. But with small square plastic tanks and jellyfish that tend to get stuck in the circulation motor, these fake jellyfish aquariums quickly become regrettable purchases. Because the product you dream of when purchasing will be a complete disappointment for you.

Also, after a short while, it bids you farewell and becomes garbage. Instead, you can get value for your money by choosing SensoryMoon, a brand that strives for the highest quality sensory lighting products.


SensoryMoon Jellyfish Lamp

We all know that we are much more cautious, especially when buying electronic gadgets. Because we can be hesitant about giving the yield we want. On top of that, if we buy this electronic product online, we will be twice as cautious about our hesitations.

After doing enough research and review, we make the purchase. To answer your thoughts and to avoid your hesitations, we present this product to you by examining its pros and cons. The majority of customers who have purchased and used this jellyfish lamp are satisfied with the product and even highly recommend it.

Because the SensoryMoon brand gives endless importance to the satisfaction of its customers. We can understand the importance that the brand attaches to its customers from the fact that it provides a 24-month warranty from the moment you purchase the product. Also, if you encounter a problem, the seller will do his best to resolve it. It can also quickly replace your unconditional product if necessary.

Aesthetics / Design

The design of the SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp is very stylish and decorative. It has a round bottom in dark blue color where the engine part is located. The water tank is designed in the form of cylindrical plastic. It’s 14 inches high and weighs 1.8 pounds when you don’t fill it with distilled water and jellyfish.

It comes with a remote control that you can choose from 20 different colors and 4 artificial jellyfish. You can adjust the color, brightness, and transition of the LEDs from the remote even if you are far away. However, if you want to operate the product and use it in the color option you want, you should be careful not to lose the remote control. Because there are no buttons on the tank that can see the functions on the remote.

You can use the product as you wish in any area you want to beautify. It is quiet, calm, peaceful, and at the same time colorful. The only thing you need to pay attention to when you use it is that the place where you put the jellyfish lamp is close enough to reach an electric power. Because it is impossible to use the plug without connecting it to an outlet.

Final Verdict

In the design of the SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp, care was taken to appeal to the eyes of the customers. For this reason, it has been designed as an aquarium full of jellyfish and a lava lamp with different color options that you can adjust the brightness as you wish.

You care that your home, office and the environments where you spend most of your days are relaxing for you. Even a small shadow of light can change this environment. That’s why we examined the jellyfish lamp that will add a different atmosphere to the environment it is in today.

The SensoryMoon jellyfish lamp design, options, and performance will positively affect the atmosphere of your environment. If you buy this lamp for yourself or a loved one, do not forget to share your experiences with us after using it.

Top Amazon Customer Comments


Review: The lamp would be very nice if it worked. Plugged it in and watched the little jellies dance around for around 10-15 minutes. Then the plug would get so hot that I needed to shut it down and unplug to cool down. Almost too hot to touch. The plug even got hot when plugged in but lamp was off. Contacted dealer, he sent a new plug. Same troubles, gets too hot to run for more than a few minutes. Contacted dealer again, he stated that it must be the lamp itself. He offered to send a new lamp but has not done so. I have sent many emails requesting info about the replacement, all are unanswered. I would not recommend this item to anyone as it can be a fire hazard and the customer service is lacking……

Anne – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I bought this Mood Light for a friend who loves anything tech-y. She was excited to receive it and then realized she needed DISTILLED water for the tank. After getting the distilled water, she added the jellyfish, but they only floated — they did not swim down or frolic in the water. I had thought she needed to add DISH SOAP, but she didn’t recall reading that. Finally, a few days later, she found another insert that came with the product which did instruct an addition of two drops of dish soap. We did that and VOILA, the jellyfish were swimming and frolicking. Once it got going, it was fun to watch and worked well with different light colors, water bubbles, etc. I only wish the instructions were clearer on both box, inserts, etc.

K Rene Ross – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I wanted to get my kiddo something random and fun for one of his birthday presents for his recent 9th birthday. I had the thought of doing a lava lamp, and when I typed that in this is one of the options that came up. I am SO stoked it did! This is WAY BETTER! There are four jellies in the cylinder. And it stands about a foot tall with the stand. Not imposing, but enough to make a statement. It puts out a pleasant sound. Almost like an aquarium. All you need is simple water, reverse osmosis, distilled is probably best, and we used a dash of dish soap (per the companies suggestion.) I used Seventh Generation so we could avoid dyes. The lamp comes with a remote that gives the option of multiple color choices and intensity on the colors, further it gives the option of allowing you to keep those colors on full time of have them flow through only one color scheme or multiple color schemes and at different varying speeds! It’s super easy to use, and an intuitive remote. All my kids figured it out easily, including my three year old. In fact, it really is more of a fight over control of the configuration. We use reverse osmosis water in ours, and I think it keeps the water clear longer than straight tap. If you have this RIGHT next to a fidgety kids bed, you may want to get some sort of removable tape to temporarily seal it in between water changes to keep them from tipping it, but i told my three year old she can’t pick it up, and has to be respectful of it, and she has been. Not sure my boys would have been the same way, at that age however, ha! I truly can’t recommend this enough. My 11 year old to my 3 year old love this thing, and I think it’s amazing! I can’t see ANY age group whether it be adults or kids not liking this. I would not hesitate to gift this, or snag one for yourself. It could be great, I suppose for those of you who have kiddos afraid of the dark, perhaps, too. You could put on a light on the dimmest setting, perhaps. Anyway, great product! Five stars, for sure!

Dana W. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This jellyfish lamp seems to work pretty well so far. I added a drop or so of dish soap, used distilled water like they suggested and made sure there were no bubbles in the jellyfish. They move around pretty good and being able to use the remote for the lighting is nice. It’s pretty quiet as well. My son really likes it. The only thing I dislike about it is that the top covering the lamp just sits on top of the tank. It doesn’t screw on or lock on in any way. If for some reason it happens to get knocked over, it’s going to be a huge mess, not to mention that electricity is involved (although there a little bit of distance from where it’s plugged in). Besides that, it’s seems like a great lamp and bigger than a lot of the others I’ve seen.

C. Steen – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: (Update, 8 Nov 2019) Almost a year and a half later, and it is still working great. It gets about 2-3 hours (sometimes more) on a nightly basis. Definitely still recommend following the instructions about distilled water, as we barely have to do anything with the water, other than add some more occasionally. Something I didn’t consider in the original review was to make sure you don’t lose the remote, as it’s the only way to turn it on/off (we’ve lost it a few times due to cats knocking it off the shelf, and it’s no fun trying to find it in the dark while your daughter’s sleeping!)

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