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Why Are Lamps so Expensive


Lamps have been used as a lighting system in all areas of our lives for centuries. In our homes, in the office we work in, in the stores, we shop in, in short, in every environment. There are many types and models of lamps. This variety also changes its price according to the features it has.

When you want to buy a decorative lamp for your home, you may be shocked and surprised by the price. In this case, it takes you to the question of why are lamps so expensive. To answer this problem, we are writing this article for you today. If you’re ready, let’s start!

Are expensive lights worth it?

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If you have planned how it should be in your mind before purchasing a lamp, you must have researched the prices beforehand and created a price scale in your mind. Lamps with the features you want may be more expensive than other ordinary lamps. In this case, you may be wondering whether the lamp you will buy deserves this price.

If the lamp you choose is a high-performance LED, it is likely to be much more expensive than other lamps. Because the lighting system in this type of lamp is much more powerful. Therefore, in direct proportion to this, the cost of the materials used in the design of the lamp also increases.

So we can tell you that you will get the value for the money you pay for these lamps. These lamps give you the strong and bright light you want. It also lasts longer than other lamps. This way, you don’t have to repeat the cost you made when you bought it for the first time.

In short, while you need to buy lamps twice a year, it is sufficient to replace them once a year due to the long life of LED lamps. In this way, you will be in a profitable position. In addition, if there is energy saving in the lamp you buy, you will notice a gain after you start using it. This way, you make a profit.

The lens light in the LED bulb illuminates evenly at the level you want. In addition, you can choose and buy how many lumens per watt can be produced in these lamps. Lumens are units used to measure the brightness of a light bulb. More lumens per watt and proportionally more light are produced per energy used. In this way, you can save and gain the brightness you want.

Why are lampshades so expensive?

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We spend most of our time in our homes, which is our living space. We decorate and arrange our private area, where we feel the safest and most comfortable, according to our tastes. While designing this decoration, the price of the products we will buy may intimidate us. Especially when it comes to lighting…

When choosing lighting products for our home, we prefer lampshades, which are the most used product today. With its decorative appearance and the light it emits, it becomes the most loved item in our home. Chandeliers and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling may not always give us the light we want. Because the angle is always the same.

But with lampshades, the situation is different. When using the lampshade, we can adjust it in place according to our needs. Thus, wherever we need light, we can concentrate the lighting on that area. In addition, thanks to the easy change of the bulb, we can easily change it when we want to use a different lower or higher-watt bulb.

Lampshades can change the aura of our home with hundreds of different designs. We can think of it as spending more money than necessary to have this decoration because the price of the models we want may be too high. Those designed with metal materials, wooden designs or handmade lampshades are very different from each other.

 Prices vary depending on the cost of the material used, its size, features and many reasons. There are different labour and cost for the materials used for the feet and the materials used for shading the light. Many materials are used for transportation to avoid damage. That’s why prices can be expensive. But most of the time, these products give us value for money with the convenience and elegance they offer.

What are the most expensive lamps?

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We told you a little about the function of lamps and how important they are from a decorative point of view. There are many lamp types and features. The price scale also varies according to these types and features. Prices increase according to the cost of the materials used. Even a simple lamp can be too expensive for some of us.

So we wonder why are lamps so expensive. But in the face of the lamps that we will tell you about in this title, your lips may turn pale. Thus, you may realize that you bought the lamp you bought for your home for a very small amount.

Do you find it normal to pay 400 thousand dollars for a lamp? If the answer is no, you will be missing out on the 18th-century-inspired Giltwood candlesticks. In the 19th century, Louis XV ordered the manufacture of these lamps for a masquerade ball. He wanted one of these lamps to be designed from gilded wood and bronze. The copies cost 400 thousand dollars and are 3 meters long.

How much is the most you would pay for a table lamp? The price of Tiffany’s Wisteria table lamp shocks those who see it, because this lamp was sold for exactly 750.000 dollars. This lamp was designed by Clara Driscoll in 1901. It has 2000 pieces. It is also full of quite exotic and colourful jewellery.

Chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling have an extremely eye-catching and stylish design. Of course, the elegance of the chandelier varies according to the products used in its design. Have you ever heard of the Kuwait mall chandelier? The chandelier of the Kuwait shopping mall is the most expensive lighting tool in the Middle East. This chandelier with a price of 1.8 million dollars; is designed to show wealth, impress those who see it, and give a sense of divine possessions. However, a young man threw a shoe at this chandelier, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. Thus, the chandelier, unfortunately, turned into dust.

How much does the most expensive lamp cost?

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We consider the appliances we use to illuminate our homes as a necessity. Because lighting devices are necessary for a house and even for every environment we live in. For example, in many places such as our workplaces, shops where we shop, and restaurants where we eat, how they use lighting and its decorativeness are important.

The lamps you want, which you think will fit your home, maybe a bit of an exaggeration for you. However, for those with the means and special inclination, spending thousands or even millions on a unique piece of designer lighting is nothing short of ostentatious expenditure.

We said that these flamboyant lamps are sold at very high prices. So what is the difference between the lamp sold to millions and the ordinary lamps we use in our homes? If you’re wondering about this, let’s take a look at the features and cost of lamps sold for millions.

The pink lotus tiffany table lamp is the most expensive in the world. This lamp was sold to its new owner in 1997 for a record price of $2.8 million by Christie’s Auction House in New York. Why are lamps so expensive? This pink lotus lamp is a dazzling piece of art for collectors, antique lovers and art lovers. Because it is an example of blending art with rich tastes.

The lamp is handmade. It has designs with vivid and original colours. It was produced by Tiffany Studios in 1907 and has a magnificent history. It is made up of 2000 pieces that are different from each other. As a result, it took the shape of a fascinating lotus flower.

These lamps or chandeliers, which have the characteristics of the period they were produced and designed with incredible craftsmanship, have been instrumental in enlightening us at the prices they have, as well as illuminating our world.

How much should you spend on a lamp?

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How much money have you paid for the lamp so far? We think that they are not hundreds of thousands or millions like the lamps we mentioned above. Because if you are not a collector, if the lamp you are going to buy is not the magic lamp of Aladdin, it would be an exaggerated expense to spend millions to use in your home. So we will examine more modest but at the same time stylish and useful lamps. Let’s take a look at the light-emitting corners of our house in terms of their cost and value.

We wonder and research why are lamps so expensive. The price of the lamp you will buy varies according to many features such as lampshade material, width, fixture, bulb base, switch type, and height.

If the materials you want are of high quality and the size of the lamp is large, the price will increase proportionally. Bohemian, ethnic, authentically designed lamps have a very artistic and stylish look. That’s why the prices are higher. In general, lamps with this design are handmade. The cost increases even more as the hand labour of the designer is added to the materials. You can find these products in online stores for about 200 dollars.

If you want collectable lamps from famous designers, you may need a lot of money out of your pocket. Because these products are limited in production, they are sold for a higher price. If you want your lighting to be special, you need to spend between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars for the lamp you will buy.

What is the cheapest way to light your house?

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If you are looking for an affordable lamp for your home, you may be surprised to see the lamp prices in the market. If you are wondering why are lamps so expensive, you can also find low-cost and affordable lamps. Prices fluctuate widely among many options such as the model, size, bulb entrance or floor lamp, table lamp, chandelier, night lamp or decorative lamp.

For example, if you think that your overhead lighting on the ceiling is insufficient, you may need a floor lamp or lampshade. In these cases, these lamps are the saviour to illuminate the area where light is needed. It gives even shade and you get good light.

At the same time, lampshades or table lamps are products that every home needs. Because a single light alone may not always be enough. Floor lamps, namely floor lamps, are the first preferred decoration products today. Because you can choose both cheap and useful ones among different design types.

Whether it is wood, metal or handcrafted, we can easily find the one that fits our budget. Metallic and dramatic floor lamps are highly preferred today. Prices are more affordable than handmade lamps. Prices vary according to the quality and cost of the material.

An ordinary metal floor lamp starts at about $20. The price increases according to the quality and features. Long-term use, stylish and decorative lamps are not very high in this price scale. You can examine these lamps in online stores. You can find the right lamp for you, from $ 30 to $ 100, with shipping costs.

In conclusion

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Lighting equipment has been one of the essential needs of our lives for centuries. In order not to be in the dark even when there is a power cut, we immediately light a candle or kerosene lamp to ensure that it is bright. That’s why we examined lamps that have taken such a place in our lives with their cheap, expensive and different models.

We wrote this article as an answer to your question about why are lamps so expensive. If you don’t need an avant-garde, handcrafted lamp filled with artistic gold patterns and jewels, we talked about the lamps that are suitable for you. We hope this article has shed light on your about the questions you had before reading this.

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