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Why Is Landscape Lighting So Expensive?


Landscape lighting, which plays a major role in illuminating your gardens and landscapes along with plants, sculptures, or any particular structure, has become a bit of a luxury. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons for this is the costs incurred by the user during the installation and the subsequent usage process.

In this context, we tried to address the question of why landscape lightings are so expensive by talking about its main features and characteristics and then answering the question of whether it is worth the money. While emphasizing the average cost of these lighting fixtures in the market, we also discussed the question of how much value they add.

Are Expensive Landscape Lights Worth It?

First and foremost, getting background knowledge about these lights by addressing what features, characteristics, and usage areas of landscape lighting provide a more secure explanation.

Characteristics of Landscape Lights

It can be very frustrating to be left in the dark at night while witnessing your plants and garden reflect their beauty in the morning light. In this context, landscape lights, which are important in lighting your garden and landscape, have certain characteristics.

First of all, since they are outdoor lights as opposed to indoors, they should also be protected against factors such as water, heat, humidity, and dust in order not to be damaged under bad and wet weather conditions or damp and muddy soil.

In addition, the points where your plants may be adversely affected should also be considered in terms of lights that emit heat due to their material properties. Depending on these, well-equipped landscape lighting naturally becomes quite costly for some households.

Why Is Landscape Lighting So Expensive?

Landscape lighting, which we have just mentioned, is offered at an expensive cost with its protective features against water, dust, moisture, and heat; on the other hand, they can also have solar energy features to prevent the electrical power of the accommodation area from being consumed by some users. As a result, these lights become even more costly.

Moreover, you will also see that the lighting color and light intensity are insufficient or the same in many parts of the garden or the landscape. In such cases, this type of lighting will become much more expensive if you apply for customized lighting and perhaps consult a specialist accordingly.

Are They Worth It?

To be honest, yes. They are worth it. The opportunity brought by the lighting and the night view welcomed by those wonderful bright and shining plants has an image that is worth every penny.

The landscapes, which are equipped with plants and many sculptures, figures, or works of art, can both highlight themselves and make the house the main component, thanks to the lighting.

To put it briefly and concisely, if gardens and landscapes are the make-up of a house, landscape lightings are the jewels of that house that shine in the night.

What Is the Average Cost of Landscape Lighting?

Why Is Landscape Lighting So Expensive, garden

Considering whether the lighting is equipped with the various features mentioned above, as well as whether it has different and multiple functions, the installation of landscape lighting that can be called standard and handled on an average basis will cost an average of 4,000 $, and in line with the expert consultation and design, by adding this process average of 2-3,000$; the price can rise to min. $6,000.

Popular & Best Landscape Lighting Products

In this context, it will be much more practical to present the best landscape lighting to you.

  1. Hylokity Landscape Lights: It is quite simple to install as well as the low voltage system.
  2. Bell + Howell Landscape Lights: It creates a new revolution in your garden with its automatic on-off feature.
  3. Hampton Bay Pearson Landscape Lights: It turns the edges of your garden or landscape into a well-lit sidewalk.
  4. Greenclick Landscape Lights: Thanks to its LED bulbs, you can benefit from low voltage, low cost, and easy installation at the same time.
  5. Brightown Landscape Lights: With these lights that can be hung up as a change, you will feel natural and fascinating moments as if there are fireflies in your garden.

How Much Value Does Landscape Lighting Add?

As we have said and emphasized before, it not only adds much more value to the main basic appearance of the house but also makes it more reliable and visible. In this context, it is necessary to accept that it is expensive and extra costly, but under sufficient and suitable conditions, you can make your home, workplace, or any property much more valuable by utilizing landscape lighting.

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Cost?

So how can we best reduce the cost of landscape lighting?

In this regard, it will be enough to take steps that seem quite small but have a big impact. Aside from lighting installation and expert consultation and designs, you can make this process much cheaper if you make choices in line with certain features when choosing light.

For example, as mentioned before, the fact that your landscape lighting is supported by LED lights ensures that they consume less voltage and therefore are not too expensive.

Likewise, although solar-powered landscape lighting is costly at first, it will be a move that will save both your finances and nature. In addition, if you choose landscape lighting with overhead string lights instead of ground support, you will provide more light sources at once.


Ultimately, when everything mentioned has been summed up, we have emphasized that landscape lighting can cease to be a luxury and can be obtained cost-effectively with appropriate and wise choices.

In addition, to answer the main question, “Why is landscape lighting so expensive? “as an exterior material, both as a decoration and as a functional element, these lightings need to be resistant to factors such as humidity, dust, water, and heat due to the area they are located in, and therefore following their expert designs. We noted that the cost could increase gradually.

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